Episode #8: Bob Ross AKA Kent!

The face of many beloved Cinco products including the Cinco Food Tube, Cinco Eye-Tanning System and Cinco Bro-Oche, Bob Ross joins Corey and Dylan on RIM CRIM today! A long-time Hollywood character actor, voice-over artist, tech pioneer, long… Read More

Episode #7: Ron Austar AKA Pierre

The immensely charming Ron Austar spends some time with Corey & Dylan to tell them about his long, strange and amazing journey from the church, to the soul circuit in Chicago and finally to the hearts and minds… Read More

Episode #1 David Liebe Hart

David Liebe Hart. A prolific, rambunctious, musical, space age man. David tells Corey and Dylan about his latest tour and the difficulties of publishing. We also get the inside scoop on some surprising and harrowing news about one… Read More