Episode #8: Bob Ross AKA Kent!

The face of many beloved Cinco products including the Cinco Food Tube, Cinco Eye-Tanning System and Cinco Bro-Oche, Bob Ross joins Corey and Dylan on RIM CRIM today! A long-time Hollywood character actor, voice-over artist, tech pioneer, long… Read More

Episode #7: Ron Austar AKA Pierre

The immensely charming Ron Austar spends some time with Corey & Dylan to tell them about his long, strange and amazing journey from the church, to the soul circuit in Chicago and finally to the hearts and minds… Read More

Episode #4: Awesome Show 10 Year Anniversary Review! (feat. Ryan Rakowsky)

Corey and Dylan are jazzed to be coming to you today with a Cinco-sized review of the highly anticipated Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! 10-year Anniversary Show. Joining us today is Ryan Rakowsky (IG: @ryan_rakowsky) to… Read More