Episode #9: Palmer Scott AKA PALMER SCOTT!


It’s Palmer Scott! First he wanted to Sit On You and then he went hunting for Bub-Bubs before becoming a SHRIM God, but today he’s on RIM CRIM! Palmer’s acting odyssey has taken him from his first theatre role at 10-years-old in his Utah hometown all the way to L.A. where he landed stints on classics like Frasier and Nip/Tuck and finally to the world of Tim & Eric! He’s a hilarious man with plenty of incredible behind-the-scenes stories + wisdom and amazing vitality, so you’ll want to sit on down (or stand up if you like) for this tantalizing interview with the sweet sweet Palmer Scott!

Episode #8: Bob Ross AKA Kent!

The face of many beloved Cinco products including the Cinco Food Tube, Cinco Eye-Tanning System and Cinco Bro-Oche, Bob Ross joins Corey and Dylan on RIM CRIM today! A long-time Hollywood character actor, voice-over artist, tech pioneer, long distance hauler and above all classy & charming man, Bob is a polymath with some fantastic stories to boot. Take out those dentures and buckle in for a fun, surprising and interestingly technical conversation with an inextricable legend of the Tim and Eric comedy universe!

Episode #7: Ron Austar AKA Pierre

The immensely charming Ron Austar spends some time with Corey & Dylan to tell them about his long, strange and amazing journey from the church, to the soul circuit in Chicago and finally to the hearts and minds of little chippies everywhere as Channel 5’s very own kids entertainer extraordinaire, Pierre! Put that Cinco Dream Cream away and plug in to an amazing interview with a  legendary man with a truly larger-than-life personality!

Episode #6: Scott Clam aka Scott Stewart

Everyone’s favorite “Clam Man”, California native Scott Stewart, chats with Corey & Dylan on RIM CRIM today. We find out about Scott’s love of trains, his journey through weird world of acting (he’s had many small but memorable roles in some of your most beloved shows) and what it’s like to play dead…literally! OK, maybe not literally, but still, have a listen to a fun interview with a sweet dude.

Episode #5: Sam Proof aka RAZ!

Today on RIM CRIM, it’s Sam Proof aka everyone’s favourite dread-sporting, best-friend thieving, jet ski-riding guy…RAZ! What a great pep Sam was. He joins Corey & Dylan for a tubular chat and tells them about his incredible T&E audition, a few Awesome Show & Billion Dollar Movie behind-the-scenes secrets, his amazing pizza wizardry, social media domination, YouTube OG cred, board game podcasting (check out Pizza, Games & Zombies) and all around techronology and fatherly masterment! We also destroy Zack Snyder & the blech fest that was Suicide Squad.

Twitter & IG: @samproof | samproof.tv


Episode #4: Awesome Show 10 Year Anniversary Review! (feat. Ryan Rakowsky)

Corey and Dylan are jazzed to be coming to you today with a Cinco-sized review of the highly anticipated Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! 10-year Anniversary Show. Joining us today is Ryan Rakowsky (IG: @ryan_rakowsky) to analyze all the spoofs, goofs in this special TAEASGJ! special that brings back many of our favourite T&E icons and even some friends of RIM CRIM!


Episode #3: Kuso (featuring Tim Heidecker)

Crimmers/Rimmers: Here’s a sneak review from Corey and Dylan of the supposed “grossest movie ever made”, Kuso directed by steve (aka Flying Lotus), starring Tim Heidecker! We go for a pre-cinema sweet peach cider drink and then offer our pulsingly hot & oozing takes on what was an incredibly…fluid but memorable movie going experience. We’re not being paid to do this, but you can watch Kuso on Shudder: try.shudder.com/kuso!



Episode #2 Tennessee Luke

Oh, what a treat it was for Corey & Dylan to spend some time with the legendary Tennessee Luke (aka Luther Winston Fortinberry). Tennessee dishes about his journey from humble roots in Memphis to Hollywood, his memorable encounter with The Duke himself, Mr. John Wayne, as well as his raw thoughts on craft tables, women and the entertainment biz. We also dig deep into some of TL’s provocative creative endeavors – which he’s banking on for a huge paycheck.